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Katherine's Journal

Katherine [♥I LOVE KITTIE♥]
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  • "Ricans are the fruit that I like to eat.." -Mercedes
I'm Katherine.
I'm in love.
My favorite band is Kittie.
I drive an Eclipse.
adam brody, aj marchetta, amy dumas/lita, ashley massaro, ashton kutcher, benjamin mckenzie, billy graziadei, black, black clothing, brackish, breathe, broccoli, burning bridges, california, career suicide, cats, charlotte, chicken, chicken&broccoli, choke, chris carmack, clerks, clerks ii, clothing, concerts, d-generation x, dance dance revolution, danny lamagna, daughters down, daughtersdown.net, degrassi tng, desi arnaz, detective elliot stabler, detective olivia benson, doyouthinki'mawhore, drums, emily perkins, ethel, ethel mertz, evergreen terrace, everythingthatcouldhavebeen, fear, four brothers, freaky friday, fred mertz, fur, furry blankets&pillows, get off (youcaneatadick), ginger snaps, guns n roses, horror movies, i love lucy, immortal, in dreams, in winter, into the darkness, italia, jason mewes, jay and silent bob, jeff hardy, jennifer arroyo, jonny, joshua joseph pilinko, karl bernholtz, katharine isabelle, kelly rowan, kirsten cohen, kittens, kittie, kittie ep, kittie shows, laverne and shirley, law&order: special-victims-unit, leopard print, lindsay lohan, live music, look so pretty, loveless, lucille ball, lucy, lucy ricardo, luke ward, marissa cooper, mark wahlberg, matt hardy, mercedes lander, mercedeslander.net, mischa barton, mitsubishi eclipse, morgan lander, mouthful of poison, movies, music, my car (eclipse), my leopard boots, my teacup yorkshire terrier, neve campbell, never again, never again ep, new york city, no name, oracle, orange county, otep, pain, paperdoll, paperdoll ep, peter gallagher, pictures, pink lemonade, poisoned black clothing, pussy sugar, rachel bilson, raven, red flag, ricky ricardo, rockstar, roxy, run like hell, ryan atwood, safe, safe ep, sandy cohen, seth cohen, severed, sexizhell, shows, spit, spit in your eye, suck, suicide city, summer roberts, tara mcleod, the hardy show, the oc, the women's championship, this too shall pass, trash&vaudeville, triple h, trippin, trish doan, trish stratus, until the end, vegetables, vivian vance, what i always wanted, william frawley, wolves, wrestling, wwe